1. Video capture

We use CCTV style cameras, usually positioned behind the goal to get the best close-to-the-action HD footage.  The cameras are  small, and robust being protected via a metal frame and discreet covering. Cameras require internet access via our our own router that must be housed indoors meaning data is securely processed completely independently of your own network. The whole system can be installed in a matter of hours with on-call maintenance support provided.

2. Goalscan

Video footage is uploaded to GoalScanner servers for analysis. Our artificial intelligence algorithms review the footage frame by  frame to to identify the best highlights from each game*.  Within hours a match recap video is automatically generated and saved back to the GoalScanner website for users to access.

3. Personalise and share

Once notified, users can login securely to the GoalScanner website to review the footage.  Data privacy is protected by default since videos are only shared with the teams that actually played in the game – explicit permissions are required to share more widely. Teams can analyse the footage or simply re-live the fun.

Video capture

Get close-to-the-action HD footage using robust & protected camera capture points and accessories.


Use GoalScanner to automatically identify and save the best highlights from captured video or live video feed.

Personalise and share

Personalise your match report for team, club or venue. Re-live the moment, share with friends or broadcast to fans.