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Engage your team with HD video highlights of your match, evaluate the competition, improve performance and relive the fun!

Why GoalScanner?

  • Trying to capture that amazing goal (or amusing mishap) is tricky and time consuming.
  • GoalScanner delivers professional highlights of your match hassle-free.
    1. Analyse play to improve team performance, concede less and score more.
    2. Get KUDOS for that amazing goal.
    3. Engage your teammates reliving the fun moments from your game.

The Service

Once installed at your local venue, GoalsScanner can automatically generate match highlights from your game. Our HD cameras film close to the action footage which is analysed to identify the best goal-mouth action. For example, a 30-45 minute game is condensed to a 2-3 minute match recap that is accessible within hours of your game finishing. Simply login to your account to watch the game back and share with teammates. Use the footage to analyse and improve or just get bragging rights for that amazing goal!

Subscribe for a season via your venue or league operator. Want to give it a try – ask your local venue or league operator to request a free trial. Or read more in our FAQ below.

Example footage:
Close to the action, HD footage. Automatically edited into 2-3 minute recaps showing the interesting goal-mouth action.

Free trial:
Organise a free trial using GoPro cameras – see these simple steps.

Want to give it a try?


GoalScanner is a new but expanding service. It is only currently available at a limited number of venues in the UK. Ask your venue or league operator to request a free trial (see above).
Initially we are focused on venues where it is possible to make a fixed installation. GoalScanner can't currently be installed in open fields where there is no power source or remote locations with no mobile network.
Video recordings of featuring recognisable players is defined as personal data under GDPR. For that reason we have a very clear privacy policy and request that all users agree to the terms before they can access videos. By default videos are only shared with the teams who are featured in them. GoalScanner acts as data controller and is registered with the Information Commissioners Office (ICO).
The venue covers the initial set up and maintenance charge. The cost to users depends on the venue / league operator but typically a modest subscription fee would be apply per game or per season.